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As a former serviceman who spent twenty-four years in the Royal Air Force, as a technician, instructor and course designer, I have since had a varied career in business, being qualified as a commercial consultant. Also have an interest in a number of sports and hobbies.

Whilst I have been a volunteer with the Royal British Legion for some twenty-five years, have decided that, as my tenure on the Membership Council will be coming to an end shortly, that I still needed to have an interest to keep me occupied. To this end I formed a limited company to enable me to keep everything together.

This website is one of several that come under the group owned by ESA Enterprises Ltd, which is dedicated to helping others in a number of ways to better themselves.

Our subjects, in addition to Meditation, include Yoga, Pilates, Health and Well-Being, Reflexology and Feng Shui, to name but a few. This might be an appropriate time to confess that I am also totally enthused on Family History, so it will come as no surprise that I have a website on my passion. However that does not stop me from being totally enthusiastic about people’s general health and well-being, as I do care passionately about people.

Having being scammed am totally aware of the need to be totally transparent in my dealings with people, this includes being totally honest with regard to suggesting any site which could not only make you money, but at the end of the day could involve a small outlay of cash.

Any such site that I do recommend I will already have invested my money in.

Totally believing that there are a number of ways in which improving your health can be achieved, it is not all about pumping iron, being at the gym for two hours a day, swimming or cycling as many miles as you can.

The many other ways in which you can tone your body, get and keep fit will, hopefully be included on either this site or our sister one. Many of the exercises are also not too energetic, in fact I love meditating, sitting there just focusing and concentrating on my breathing.

In addition to producing blogs about the subjects, we will also have available Brochures, Blueprints and DVD’s, relating to the core subjects. When considered necessary links will be provided to the different sites.

You may ask why Meditation, this arose due to my site on Yoga and Pilates. Discovering a number of articles on the subject I wrote a blog for my Yoga and Pilate’s site. It enthralled me so much that I followed a couple of the exercises. You have to believe me when I say I was so refreshed afterwards that I decided that I should have a separate site on the subject.

If you like it will be a sister site to https://easyyogaandpilates.com as I feel that whilst the two sites should be separate they do complement each other. Putting the link in here will enable those who wish to switch between sites and blogs.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be bringing you blogs on how meditating can help you to a stress free life, and bring with it a sense of calm to your whole being, as it does to mine.

It is possible in the long term that I might consider setting up a membership site, should the demand warrant it, also a newsletter. It is also intended to link this site to both twitter and face book.

I hope that you enjoy the site once it is up and running, finding plenty to interest you and to keep you coming back. Please feel free to contact to me should you have any questions.

Best wishes


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