Meditate for Self-Control


It is important in our lives that we have control over everything that we do, in other words” I am in charge of me” all you others leave me alone to let me do what is best for me. This not only seems like a strong statement, it is one!

Let me explain further:

Whilst I appreciate that when you are told to do something at work, then do it you must or face the sack, it does not mean that when the people that you work with say to you “ You are coming for a drink after work”, that is up to you to make that decision not them.

You receive an offer in the post for something that you would like, but do not need at this moment in time, and really cannot afford it. But that little nag in your brain says go on, you must resist, however tempted you are.

If this is you, are you tempted at times when you should say NO, do people try to control your life, if so try meditation for self-control, you will be surprised what a difference it will make to your life and more importantly your well-being.

Meditate for self-control, you will enjoy a fuller richer life.

Let us look at this in more detail

Improve your Self-Development, use Meditation to take Back Control

If you have your abilities under control, then you can control your life. If you fail to do this then you will be like a rudderless ship, going anywhere but in the right direction. If your subconscious is allowed to have negative thoughts and take over, this can cause both mental and health problems, you have lost control.

If you meditate you not only take control but also improve your skills with regard to your self-development. Beginning to think positive, not only puts you back in control, but makes you feel good, not just inwardly but in general.

Starting to meditate allows us to take control, by making good decisions. Failing to do this, not only do we lose control, we feel stressed, depressed, other problems occur such as a restless night’s sleep and headaches

As you begin to meditate, make a note of what you like about you and what you do not.

Meditating helps you to relax, this relieves the stress and pain which you are feeling, believe me I only meditate for a five to ten minute session when I am wound up, it works wonders.

The skills which you acquire not only help you to relax, but how you can slow down, allowing you to think with a positive frame of mind, in turn this allows you to make more positive decisions regarding your life.

The major cause of a number of diseases is stress. If you are feeling stressed you often make bad choices. This can be improved by using meditation to improve your skills, learning how to gain control to enable you to manage your life more effectively.

A way to relax and meditate is by reading. Find a place to meditate that is away from distractions, preferably both quiet and secluded.

Begin today to learn how to meditate and take back control of your life.

Use Guided Relaxation as you learn to Meditate

Guiding both your body and mind to relaxation, removes the clutter, helping you to meditate more freely.

Using this method, you will accomplish new skills allowing you to relieve stress by relaxing, achieve new goals, become successful and improve your decision-making. When deciding on relaxation, you can be guided by listening to music. Try to choose music which has a soft low sound this is a good way to practice meditation. Listening to music whilst meditating relaxes your body, helping to remove the stress that causes the poor decisions that you make on the way that you live your life.

Learn to Relax and Meditate

Being alone in a quiet place is the first thing that you should do, I use either my Summer House, or sit quietly in my office. You can of course use anywhere, the garden, the forest the Beach. Take a device with you so that you can listen to music as you meditate, using your imagination as you do so.

If you can lie down on your back hands and feet out straight. This is the fun part, let your imagination roam into the far distance, feel as if you are floating on air.

Beginning with your toes let them float, almost as if they were leaving your body, when they are fully relaxed, continue up the rest of your body until you reach your head.

Once you begin to relax, your body starts to feel as if it is tingling, this is your body and mind, relax, let it go.

If possible to help you relieve the stress of the day practice meditation, this will enable you to improve your decision-making, helping you to become a new person, reaching your goals and being more successful.

Go on the internet where you can find free music suitable for your meditation and relaxation, also learn to improve your self-development.

You can also download a free screensaver, which will flash guided relaxation messages that your subconscious can pick up, but you cannot see, helping you to think positive and relaxing your body and mind.

Developing new Skills through Meditation

You can learn to develop your skills in self-development in a number of ways.

  • Research the internet
  • Visit your local library
  • Check out the local book store.
  • Look for music and other information to help you to learn to relax.

Why not begin today practicing and learning new thoughts and ideas to help to improve your self-development skills.

Heal your Body and Mind with Natural Sounds

Miracles do not happen overnight, allow time to allow your body to adapt to this new regime that you are undertaking. Please understand that at least three times a week you will need to make changes to the life that you have been used to.

One idea is to set yourself some targets to achieve, make a list, use positive thinking what changes should you make to achieve your goals. Plan effectively and you will be surprised at the results.

It is possible that one of your goals could be to enjoy a better night’s sleep, is this because you are too tense, or wound up before you go to bed, having had a stressful day at work then come home to more problems. Try twenty to thirty minutes meditation before you retire, you could be surprised at the result. This will also enable you to feel more refreshed in the morning, better equipped to start the day at work.

When you have finished your evening meal, do you sit and read the paper, if so take it somewhere quiet, play some soft gentle music and relax as you catch up on the day’s events. Put the paper down and meditate for just five to ten minutes as you listen to the calming sounds of your chosen music.

The time it takes for you to begin to relax does depend on the individual and how stressed you are, it can take twenty to thirty minutes. Relaxing with music is a great way to help you face the next day whatever challenge that you might face.

Many believe that by meditating you can reduce the aging process.

On that happy note.

Until the next time


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